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Many thanks to our guest speakers for giving their time and energy and sharing their expert knowledge with our GrowSmart audiences

Guest Speakers - Fall 2019

Dr. Tina McInnes, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Self Esteem & Body Image

Celebrate EveryBody Workshops

Tina McInnes is a retired physician who has turned her life's work toward public awareness and engagement in physical fitness, good nutrition and a positive mindset as the primary determinants of good health. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she works directly with individual clients and families to provide working solutions for incorporating fitness and better nutrition into their busy lives. Through working with female clients of all ages, she has become acutely aware of how prevalent low self-esteem and negative body image are among women and girls, and the impact this has on every aspect of their lives; from the quality of their relationships, their mental health, their participation in sport and even their career aspirations. Tina has committed to volunteering her time to lead a community initiative to address these issues. In conjunction with Hopewell Centre, she will lead a series of workshops geared toward girls aged 10-13 and their mothers. The hope is to engage women and girls in a discussion of appearance ideals, and to give them the skills and confidence to confront social pressures to conform to unattainable and arbitrary definitions of beauty, and to define and value non-physical attributes in themselves and others. She hopes to help women build self-esteem, emotional resiliency, and body confidence as these are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Christine McPhail, Registered Dietitian & Prevention and Outreach Coordinator at Hopewell


Self Esteem & Body Image

Celebrate EveryBody Workshops

Christine McPhail is a Registered Dietitian with a BASc and a MSc in Applied Human Nutrition. Christine has worked in hospital and clinic settings, public health and as a university lecturer. She is the Prevention and Outreach Coordinator at Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre where she delivers Celebrate EveryBody, an eating disorder prevention program and she also runs her private practice Christine McPhail Nutrition, where she provides one-on-one nutrition counselling services to those wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body. Her approach is informed by the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES) and the Non-Diet approach and she is passionate about helping people find food, body and ultimately self acceptance.

Fall/Winter 2018-19 Sessions

Dr. Ann H. Farrell, Ph.D.


-Bullying & Conflict Resolution-

-Teen Dating Violence-

Dr. Ann Farrell is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Ottawa in Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education. In her research, Ann examines what individual, social, and environmental factors contribute to different forms of bullying and aggression in youth. Ann hopes her research will contribute to effective methods and tools to prevent youth relationship conflict.  

Dr. Kirsty Lee, Ph.D.


-Bullying & Conflict Resolution-

-Teen Dating Violence-

Dr. Kirsty Lee is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Ottawa. Her research examines the links between different types of aggression and violence (e.g., bullying, dating violence, child maltreatment) and mental health in children and adolescents. 

Julie S. Lalonde


-Sexual Assaut, Coercion, Consent-

Julie S. Lalonde is an internationally recognized women’s right advocate and public educator. Julie works with various feminist organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence, engaging bystanders and building communities of support. She is the site director of Hollaback! Ottawa and the coordinator of Draw-the-line.ca, a bystander intervention campaign funded by the province of Ontario. Julie has won numerous awards for her work including "Best Volunteer in a Leading Role” by Volunteer Ottawa, a two time winner of the "Femmy Award" and she is a recipient of the Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case. 


Constable Stephanie Lemieux, Ottawa Police Services


-Canada's New Marijuana Laws-


Constable Stephanie Lemieux is a trusted, recognized and reliable go-to resource in the Ottawa communities in which she serves. 

Starting with Ottawa Police Services in 2005, she transferred to the School Resource Officer section in 2011 where she assisted south Ottawa schools with criminal incidents - drugs, assaults (including sexual assaults), thefts, personal robberies etc. She has delivered countless presentations to students on cyber safety and on pursuing a career in policing.

Const. Lemieux is currently assigned to the communities of central Ottawa. Working with business improvement groups, community organizations, municipal government as well as the community health centre, she is focused on higher risk needs in the community, assisting in implementing crime prevention programs. She is also engaged with community partners to promote public spaces for positive community use. 

Adam Ozorak, Drug Free World Co-Chair (Ottawa)


-Substance Use-

Adam Ozorak is a contractor during the day and a Drug-Free World advocate by night. He has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years and has more recently taken on the role of being a Drug-Free World Ottawa Co-Chair.  He has seen and experienced the impacts of drug abuse firsthand and is devoted to educating youth on the repercussions of drug use. As a new father to a beautiful little girl, he knows that it is vital that he takes responsibility for tackling the issue of youth drug use in Ottawa.

Jessica Cadman, Drug Free World Co-Chair (Ottawa)


-Substance Use-

Jessica is a 23-year-old young professional and aspiring doctor with a passion for helping others.  She has her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Mount Saint Vincent University and has served as a volunteer in her community since the young age of 11.  She has held various leadership positions and most recently accepted the position as the Drug-Free World (DFW) Ottawa Representative.

Losing her cousin to an accidental drug overdose has played a large role in her involvement with DFW Ottawa.  Jessica believes in advocating for community wellness, eliciting positive change within the greater Ottawa area and in using her skills in event planning, public relations, leadership and teamwork to better the community.  Her goal in being the Drug-Free World Ottawa representative is to become a leading influencer to create a positive impact for communities within Ottawa through educating youth and the community on drug use in our city.