Give them the tools....

GrowSmart Talks is a speaker series that seeks to equip pre-teens and teens with the knowledge and skills to improve their situational awareness, make informed decisions and respond to societal dangers, including those on the Internet, as well as encourage opportunities for personal growth.   

Everyone - girls, boys, parents, guardians, anyone who is interested - is invited to attend and learn about challenges facing our children today, and what we can all do to ensure they have knowledge early to deal with those challenges, and additionally to be inspired by our speakers.

Presentations by experts and local practitioners are designed primarily for our youth audience. An opportunity for questions from the audience follows each presentation.

GrowSmartTalks is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.  

GrowSmart Talks is a grassroots not-for profit initiative, supported by local organizations and volunteers.



 Our Goals...

  • Give kids the tools to address the challenges - Help youth protect themselves from predators, bullies and negative influences by replacing knee-jerk reactions with know-how, preparedness and stronger situational awareness. 
  • Educate - Keep parents up to speed on current issues and challenges, and how to address them with their children. Provide factual, up-to-date information for youth to make informed choices. Offer resources to find support for those who need help.
  • Stimulate family conversations - Create opportunities for parents/guardians and their children to talk to each other about the challenges that youth face in the modern world.